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Behind Our Clinical & Business Pursuit

  • Post-op pain management is a top
    patient concern and a tremendous
    problem for HCPs.

  • Adaption rates of intraop pain
    control hinges on improved efficacy
    & administration technique.

  • The VeloJect concept aims to deliver
    control, ease of use, and precision
    in a clinically optimized manner.

Reinventing the Injection Sequence With

The VeloJect Generation of Injection Technology Aims To:

  • Designed to deliver pharmaceutical compounds to the targeted tissue locations.
  • Enables convenient and comfortable application of fluids in desired prescribed doses.
  • Facilitates improved visualization and access to deeper tissue increasing confidence and less obscuration.
  • Reduces the fatigue and fine-muscle strain associated with manual manipulation of plunger devices.
  • Potentially enables a faster surgical procedure with less physical effort.


Why VeloJect?

VeloJect technology aims to offer significant advantages over traditional pharmaceutical delivery systems
that benifit the patient and the surgeon