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Reinventing the Injection Sequence

Medtech Automation is an Accelerating Theme

  • 23-27% of Orthopedic Surgeons have required time of from work due to injury or illness
  • 8% of Orthopedic Surgeons required longer than 3 weeks off because of injury.
  • 36% of injured surgeons reported pain from an occupational injury “at least “minimally impacted” their performance
  • 43% of injured surgeons were forced to take a break from work.

The VeloJect Generation of Injection Technology

  • Reproducibly delivers pharmaceutical compounds to the targeted tissue locations.
  • Enables convenient and comfortable application of fluids in precisely prescribed dosages.
  • Facilitates improved visualization and access to deeper tissue with greater confidence and less obscuration.
  • Significantly reduces the fatigue and fine-muscle strain associated with manual manipulation of plunger devices.
  • Enables a faster surgical procedure with less physical effort and greater confidence in outcome certainty.

Pain Management: Opinions, Friction & Uncertainties Abound

  • Skepticism among HCPs and hospital buyers persists around the clinical efficacy and reproducibility of Exparel®
  • Selected community observations suggest that ~60% of the time, Exparel® works approximately 36 hours.
  • Surgeons often rely on a larger 20-gauge needle due to time constraints and physical fatigue concerns.
  • Many physicians accept the clinical uncertainties because pain control is so important for their patients and their paying institutions.
  • But many more do not.

Software Controlled, High-Pressure Positive Displacement Pump


Intellectual Property & Know-How


  • US Patent No. 11,229,750
  • Track 1 continuation filings: 17/575,601 and 17/575,604
  • US Provisional Patents (63/006,056; 63/252,607)
  • Additional OUS filings imminent
  • Veloject